The Difficulty Of Landscape Photography

Many of the comments I often receive from persons who view my work are along the lines of, "I wish I could take images like yours." or, "Unless I have an amazing camera I just don't think I'll ever be able to take such amazing images." Well the truth is, everyone is creative and everyone has a unique talent and that includes YOU. The key is how to apply your creativity and natural talent to create visually appealing images.

Everyone interprets photography in their own original way however how you compose the elements in your frame can make or break your image. And whilst getting your composition spot on to reflect what you see in your mind's eye is one of the most critical and precarious things, one of the things I have learnt and what I teach my students is - There are no absolute rules for any one photograph. The truth is, ever photograph is unique as is every photographer however to create a visually appealing photograph which will force the view look and linger then you need to employ an array of techniques as well as a form of compositional discipline.

Every photo from a compositional view has a subject and you need to know just what that subject is before you even begin to think of composing the image and certainly before you press the shutter. When you're looking at a scene the best way to work out what that subject is can be done by simply answering the following question, "What do I find most interesting?" Once you've done that then it is just a matter how to frame that subject in a visually pleasing way. Look for anything in the frame that distracts from your subject and find a way eliminate or minimize it. You can do this by simply taking a few steps to the right or to the left, lowering yourself, and even moving backward or forward to make the shot work. Then press the shutter.

To sum this up landscape photography is more simple than you think. The difficulty is getting out and exploring these hidden treasures.

Regardless of what camera manufactures want you to believe you really don't need the latest and most expensive gear to make amazing images. All you need is a set of tools known as perseverance & tenacity.

So get out there and happy shooting.